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Mission and Vision Statement

It is Our Mission  to provide:

  1. A safe place for the

  2. treatment of trauma and adverse life events through

  3. evidence-based, trauma-informed approaches,

  4. reaching through financial and cultural/racial barriers to provide 

  5. holistic care and

  6. training for churches, families, and friends of those hurting.


Our Vision  as we grow:

We have created a preliminary three phase plan. Phase one involves conducting a needs assessment and connecting with existing community resources, forming an advisory board, and finding a suitable location space or partnership.  Phase two will involve incrementally adding therapists and employees to the team, securing financial support for trauma-informed modalities not typically covered by insurance, and growing into our location space and surrounding community through collaboration. Completion of phase three would include the following:


The Space:

  • 5-8 therapy/spiritual direction rooms

  • 2 group therapy/class rooms

  • Experiential/sensory/prayer rooms

  • Waiting room

Affordable Services:

  • Individual therapy and spiritual direction.

  • Techniques for "rewiring" the brain, such as EMDR.  We are only beginning to understand the incredible way God has designed the brain, and one surprising fact researched and written about by Christian psychiatrist Curt Thompson is that the brain is capable of physically changing in order to heal trauma and emotional dysregulation.

  • Body and experiential techniques. Jesus’ ministry didn’t take place in a classroom with students taking notes from a whiteboard.  No, he intentionally created right-brain experiences by engaging the senses and creativity.  Research has shown that trauma treatment is done best when it uses all of our senses and engages our bodies in the healing.

  • Group therapy/classes. We heal in community, which is by God’s design and demonstrated in the example of the Trinity.  The Acts church provides examples of what it could look like to address needs and love one another deeply.

The Therapists

  • 5-10 therapists specializing in trauma, with built-in care to address secondary trauma

  • Licensed and taking insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid plans

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